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We place a very high value on customer feedback to ensure we stay in tune with our clients needs and expectations and continue to deliver excellent results and customer service. Every customer is given a feedback form which may be returned freepost to our Head Office. The feedback is logged, and where client permission has been given, the testimonials from those feedback forms are published below.

It was amazing seeing the change in my boy. The training was very easily understood, with no treats required or smacking.
Kim A., Beldon, Western Australia 28th June 2017

Glen upon his first initial contact with Cannon with his jumping up on him and excitment calmed him down and stopped him imediately , Glen was well presented and friendly , he walked us through and spoke with my wife and myself on other possible problems and how to rectify them. Having him walk Cannon on a leash and correcting him did not take long for Cannon to listen and follow his movements.
Dennis M., perth, Western Australia 23rd June 2017

Glen provided great and straightforward advice, reassurance and easy to follow instructions. Chloe has shown vast improvement in her behaviour just 1 day following Glen advice. I am very grateful for his assistance and will strongly recommend him to anyone who is looking for extra support in caring for their 4 legged friend. Looking forward to the next lesson!
Chris O., Perth, Western Australia 11th June 2017

Glen made us realise that Tilly was trying to be the dominant one and the training he used was clear and easy for both us and her to understand. Tilly was much better behaved and started to listen to us when Glen left. Training techniques are very easy to use and in no way harmful to my dog. It was interesting to realise that Tilly was the one training us.
Leesha C., Clarkson, Western Australia 31st May 2017

Our first training session completely exceeded our expectations. It went for 3 hours and we (the whole family) now have a much better understanding of why our dog behaves in certain ways. We have also been taught (in a patient and fun way) how to deal with behavioural problems, in a firm and positive way, with lots of supervised practice. We now have a set of tools and a game plan, and look forward to the ongoing support from Hugh - thank you
Rogene M., South Fremantle, Western Australia 21st May 2017

I found Glen to be very knowledgeable and has a great way with animals. They just want to follow him and do whatever he asks. I wish I did this training 10 years ago!
Christina D., Burns Beach, Western Australia 11th May 2017

Heather was awesome, lots of great information and very easy to talk to She understood all our concerns and where we were coming from I felt so much relief after her first visit
Kirstin F., North Coogee, Western Australia 10th May 2017

Glen came out to us on Easter Sunday and took us throughly through everything connected to our 9 month old lab puppy's training - including things like diet and how this impacted her behaviour . We immediately saw the impact of Glen's method, and really like the fact the training is done without using treats as rewards but rather just establishing ourselves our the dominant. We are seeing improvements and look forward to continuing to work with Glen.
Jessica J., East Vic Park, Western Australia 3rd May 2017

I first contacted Bark Busters when I was living in Fremantle, W.A and my Australian Shepherd, Olive, was 8 months old. Heather was a wonderful teacher, very thorough and enthusiastic. It is clear she really cares deeply about what she does. We then unexpectedly moved to Victoria, and with such a big move and Olive's continuing growth, a new set of challenges arose. It was no trouble to transfer to our new local trainer, Stefanie- just one quick phone call and three days later we were back at work! Stefanie too is an incredible trainer, she explains techniques clearly and is very adaptable when things aren't working. She always has creative and practical tools for Olive and I and won't leave our home until one of us is exhausted! Bark Busters is a truly wonderful service that has saved my sanity and my relationship with my best friend.
Ashleigh N., Fremantle, Western Australia 2nd May 2017

We were amazed at the speed at which Phoebe responded firstly to Glen and then to us and her lead work was brilliant. Glen was firm but gentle with her and her separation anxiety shaking and bottom jaw quivering soon vanished. We appreciated the simple format of the training and quickly realised that a lot of the behaviours we displayed to Phoebe were affirming her position of dominance rather than our own. We now feel we have the tools to change this.
Melanie P., Jindalee, Western Australia 21st April 2017

It is the owner who really needed the training :)
Susan B., Bayswater, Western Australia 3rd April 2017

Excellent. Lots of strategies to help. Hugh was very patient.
Hilary B., Willetton, Western Australia 25th March 2017

OMG we are living with a different dog! Or maybe he's living with different parents! Hugh was great - very knowledgeable and re-assuring. He was patient and explained why certain things worked (or didn't work in our case!). Hugh's techniques worked on the day and continue to work with our training. We went through all the things on our list without being rushed - you can tell Hugh really cares for dogs and their owners.
Vickie & Alan L., Parkwood, Western Australia 22nd March 2017

We asked for help with our 18 month old Maltese, Indie, as we were having trouble with things such as barking, establishing leadership, recall and walking. Since Hugh came to visit we have found Indie has improved a lot in most area. The areas that are taking longer are the ones that we haven't practised much with her so we will be continuing to focus on those areas.
Tina R., Kardinya, Western Australia 19th March 2017

It was an eye-opener for me to see how assisted training can truly help a dog to be man's best friend. While there are other training methods available, one hears or reads about, Bark Busters seem easier and far more effective.
Alan C., Balga, Western Australia 15th March 2017

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